Watchtower of Turkey

This is one of the best masterpieces in the field of digital media.

I had goosebumps the first time I’ve ever watched this video. My film-enthusiast friend showed this to me and I was so moved; I nearly went teary-eyed. How I wish more people could appreciate and recognize videos like this.This is never easy. This is beyond normal. This is art.

How amazing that when a camera focuses on a thing, on someone, their not-so-special details would be given much emphasis. Anything and anyone can be part of something bigger, something artistic and something to be proud of the human race. Through videos like this, you could say nothing is really “just ordinary.”

Directed and edited by Leonardo Dalessandri

Music: “Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi

Voice of: Meryem Aboulouafa


YOU – Galantis

Everytime that I listen to this song, it gives me a nostalgic feeling. It’s an EDM but it can make you feel a weird sadness, the kind of sad you would always want to feel.

For me, the music video shows that a person can be so comfortable of being free, she can live her life the way she wanted it to be, she can do whatever she wants, but there will always be a longing. There will always be a creeping sadness that she can only feel everytime she’s alone.

She’s just there, strolling while waiting for the love she deserves to come and the person who will make her life complete.

I hope everyone can find their true love. If not the love from other people, at least self-love. It’s all that matters.