Legality 👑

Here are some photos that I’ve never uploaded publicly on my other social media accounts. I just thought that WordPress would be a great atmosphere to show these pictures. Blogging has been part of my life; it was my solace and quite my secret keeper.

18 years is the legal age in the Philippines. I know there are other countries where lower than 18 is already legal and people are held liable for their actions. It’s a great feeling, to know that God has given you another year to experience the taste of life.

I am already legal and there are many responsibilities to carry, to counter. This is just a part of growing up, a part of life, and I am always thankful to God that I had the chance to live this long. I want to do good things as long as possible, to help those people who are in need, especially those in the grassroots, I want to love and be loved.. I want to live even before I die.

I just don’t want to exist. I want to feel alive.


When Proton loves an Electron

The title of this article was inspired by the teaching of a priest during a meditation in my beloved center. My mind marked the word proton and electron. To some, it was just a usual lecture but to me, there’s an impact and an idea popped into my mind, ‘what if I write something out of it? What if I’ll let live what father has just said?’ I suddenly thought about someone and there I realized how this particular person doesn’t meant that much to me, until a priest said that: people are like protons and electrons, they may be different in many ways, but there will always be one thing that would unite them. That is love.

Opposite attracts, they say. Most people agree and some characters in books and movies would prove, but there will always be some that would say “People are only attracted to those who hold the same views and values with themselves.”
To whom are we going to believe? Or, should we not follow what they say and just start to think about or experience it for ourselves?

This topic is like our Communication Theory class, there is no wrong or right because as what my professor would always say, everything is just an attempt.

Our minds will always spark new ideas or thoughts. Everything in this world is debatable and we will continue to fight what we believe in. 

But no matter what other human beings perceived, this story would prove that ‘Opposites do attract’. This tells how two people despite the many differences in each other’s lives, unite and shared the magic brought by love.

*to be continued..


Vienna waits for you

Gerascophobia (n.) is an abnormal or persistent fear of growing old or ageing. It is derived from Greek ‘tha geraso’ which is a phrase that means ‘I am getting old’ and phobos meaning dread or deep fear. (www.fearof.net)

This movie creeped me. A very good one because it was made originally and artistically. The way the camera focused the subjects or objects was professionally planned and the mood in the ‘apartment’ was really quaint and I love it. No scene has bored me. You wouldn’t expect what will happen next so you focused so much onto where will the story led.

Horror movies are not just about brutal killings, wandering ghosts or asshole cannibals. Horror movies depend on the viewers, their state of mind, experiences or their phobias. It also depends on how the actors portray their roles and act like they mean it.

This movie has been instilled in my mind because I have the fear of growing old. Anna, at the age of 25 turns into someone who looks as old as time. That would be the most horrible thing that could happen to someone who experiences Gerascophobia. But the ending was superb. She sacrificed her own self so that the curse will end in her and not to damaged other people’s lives. Especially because it was for Daniel.


Bothered Soul

There’s no way to silence my brain every time I’m conscious. I’ll always be reminded by things I should have forgotten by now. My mistakes, my flaws, the regrets, their criticisms.. they will always be there. They will always gnaw my bones; rip off my heart. I will always be that bothered soul.


Missive to Paradise


My dear sunny stalwart
I do long for you everyday
I feel desolation in my heart
Now that you are away.

My heart is frail and becoming ill
Having a hard time finding buoyancy
I hope you are on an even keel
So I would not need so much to worry.

It has been coon’s age that you’re gone
Still, I’ve been thinking and dreaming of you
My love for you wouldn’t be lessen, wouldn’t be done
For this is unchanged, immovable and so true.

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Oh, I miss hearing your voice’s cadence
I’m yearning to see those wide smiles and lively eyes
You have brought my life into effervescence
With you, I felt drifting up to the skies.

You were a high-spirited lass
Resilient and fortifies the weak
Dauntless enough to start a fuss
But you never once did, you’re meek.

Though I’m a good for nothing girl,
You’ve cared…

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