Fairy Story

I went into the woods one day

And there I walk and lost my way.

When it was so dark, I could not see

A little creature came to me.

He said if I would sing a song

The time would not be very long

But first I must let him hold my hand tight

Or else the woods would give me a fright.

I sang a song, he let me go.

But now I am home again,

there is nobody I know.

This was written by Stevie Smith. This was my favorite poem when I was twelve years old. I decided to share this here because I saw my ‘long lost’ yellow notebook earlier after many years! It contains poems I’ve written during my childhood days. It feels so nostalgic and at the same time, it was a relief ❤




As I sit beneath the shade of that tree,

All those memories came rushing back to me.

I wanted to shout but I’m muted

I wanted to run but I fainted.


As tears start flowing,

My chances are disappearing.

Like the leaves that were drifting,

My dreams are now fading.

With you, I couldn’t be tired and sad

For you gave me love, you’re the best that I had.

Look into my eyes and you can tell that it’s true.

My heart finally says.. it might be you.


Oftentimes I choose to be silent

I don’t want my time to be spent

I don’t want to waste every moment

For the better, it’s really meant.

I want to stand on my own

I prefer to be alone

I want to grow up and be mature

To be strong enough to face the future

I’ve learned from my mistakes

Now I have to move and be awake

I don’t care what they might feel

I want to be better and this is real.


The day is hot; the sky is blue.

You gave me a piece of note saying “I love you”.

You take me to this beautiful special place

And as I looked around, I was totally amazed.

“The flowers are dancing with the breeze of air

While the weather is good and the day is still fair.

Children’s laughter echoed the field

A joyous beginning, loneliness was killed.

The snow on pathways are now gone,

It’s a time to cherish, let’s unwind and have fun.”

As the gentle wind kiss my cheeks,

You hold my hand, my emotions got mixed.

I can’t explain what I’ve felt

This heart of mine had melt.

“This season, our love was made.

I hope not to end this”, my thought as we laid.

Wherever you go, I’ll follow. Just take the lead.

This is our beginning, springtime indeed.

Last Dance

Every night I dream of it

That very moment, still I’d greet

The most precious time in my whole life,

Was when I danced with him under the moonlight.e

How I love to make it happen again.

To dance again, to dance with Ken.

I’m still wishing for him to come

Like the way he did in the prom.

With him, I felt that I was perfect.

I felt no harm, no tragic.

I miss his smile, his voice, his embrace.

It was enchanted as we danced into that special place.

As I keep on telling this story,

My heart and my soul go crazy.

It may be my last time seeing Ken,

But who knows, our paths might cross again.


Every day I am unhappy.

Everything becomes uneasy.

I thought they were true, my dearest companions,

But in everything that we do, they make it a competition.

What happened to you people?

You are all so unpredictable.


At one point you showed me all smiles and decency

But your insides are raging; full of plasticity.

I’ll always despise you for talking

and for being good to me when you need something.

You are all not worth of my time and attention.

I’ll separate. I’ll leave. I’ll have my own direction.