When Proton loves an Electron

The title of this article was inspired by the teaching of a priest during a meditation in my beloved center. My mind marked the word proton and electron. To some, it was just a usual lecture but to me, there’s an impact and an idea popped into my mind, ‘what if I write something out of it? What if I’ll let live what father has just said?’ I suddenly thought about someone and there I realized how this particular person doesn’t meant that much to me, until a priest said that: people are like protons and electrons, they may be different in many ways, but there will always be one thing that would unite them. That is love.

Opposite attracts, they say. Most people agree and some characters in books and movies would prove, but there will always be some that would say “People are only attracted to those who hold the same views and values with themselves.”
To whom are we going to believe? Or, should we not follow what they say and just start to think about or experience it for ourselves?

This topic is like our Communication Theory class, there is no wrong or right because as what my professor would always say, everything is just an attempt.

Our minds will always spark new ideas or thoughts. Everything in this world is debatable and we will continue to fight what we believe in.

But no matter what other human beings perceived, this story would prove that ‘Opposites do attract’. This tells how two people despite the many differences in each other’s lives, unite and shared the magic brought by love.

*to be continued..


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