Vienna waits for you

Gerascophobia (n.) is an abnormal or persistent fear of growing old or ageing. It is derived from Greek ‘tha geraso’ which is a phrase that means ‘I am getting old’ and phobos meaning dread or deep fear. (

This movie creeped me. A very good one because it was made originally and artistically. The way the camera focused the subjects or objects was professionally planned and the mood in the ‘apartment’ was really quaint and I love it. No scene has bored me. You wouldn’t expect what will happen next so you focused so much onto where will the story led.

Horror movies are not just about brutal killings, wandering ghosts or asshole cannibals. Horror movies depend on the viewers, their state of mind, experiences or their phobias. It also depends on how the actors portray their roles and act like they mean it.

This movie has been instilled in my mind because I have the fear of growing old. Anna, at the age of 25 turns into someone who looks as old as time. That would be the most horrible thing that could happen to someone who experiences Gerascophobia. But the ending was superb. She sacrificed her own self so that the curse will end in her and not to damaged other people’s lives. Especially because it was for Daniel.


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