Missive to Paradise


My dear sunny stalwart
I do long for you everyday
I feel desolation in my heart
Now that you are away.

My heart is frail and becoming ill
Having a hard time finding buoyancy
I hope you are on an even keel
So I would not need so much to worry.

It has been coon’s age that you’re gone
Still, I’ve been thinking and dreaming of you
My love for you wouldn’t be lessen, wouldn’t be done
For this is unchanged, immovable and so true.

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Oh, I miss hearing your voice’s cadence
I’m yearning to see those wide smiles and lively eyes
You have brought my life into effervescence
With you, I felt drifting up to the skies.

You were a high-spirited lass
Resilient and fortifies the weak
Dauntless enough to start a fuss
But you never once did, you’re meek.

Though I’m a good for nothing girl,
You’ve cared…

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