Best friend for Lifetime

I wrote this piece when I was fifteen years old. I decided to show it here for an appreciation to my dearest mom. She’s been abroad for three years, but it’s coming to an end. The wait is over! She’s coming home. Praying for her safety 🙏

Best friend for Lifetime

I don’t know how many stars are there in the sky every night. I don’t know how long will it take for us to reach the galaxy. I don’t know how deep the Pacific trench is, but I’m lucky to have known someone who loves me unconditionally. Someone who makes each day of my life worth living for. Someone who’s always in my heart, and forever will be my light to guide me in every path that I’m taking.

She can’t cook well, I admit it. She doesn’t have talents, she told me. She’s not good in Mathematics, I bet we’re the same. But she showed her care and guidance that even other people can’t do to me. She’s somehow strict. She’s surely demanding. It doesn’t matter, I still love her.

She appreciated my low quality writings and poems. She told me they’re good, but I knew in myself they’re not. She listened to my childish stories that I’ve got in school, then we’ve looked into each other’s eyes and together, have shared the laughter. She got silent when my average decreased to 85. She didn’t say anything but I knew she was disappointed. She asked me about my studies and she was interested in my love life. She always wanted to know my friends’ names. She’s been very observant to every little thing that I do.

We’re close to each other, not until she worked abroad.

In my present life, I started hating our home. It’s not a home anymore. It’s just a typical house. I’ve spent whole day everyday in school because I know there’s no one in our house who likes to talk to me. My best friend is miles away from me. Though she calls me every month, sends messages in Facebook, I feel desperately incomplete. It’s not the same feeling when she’s beside me.

My mother is the best woman I’ve ever known. The heroine that saves me from pains of disappointments and judgments. She’s very far from home but she’s in my mind and heart. I’ll always be thankful to God, that she sets a good model of a woman who inspite of struggles, still continues to go on and be brave just to support the needs of her family.

I may not be able to tell her that I love her everyday, I may not have shown her the good daughter that she wants me to be, I always pray to God to give her good health, peace of mind and happiness for her to be able to attain her dreams, even not for me. This time, I want her dreams to be not for other people, but for herself.



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