The day is hot; the sky is blue.

You gave me a piece of note saying “I love you”.

You take me to this beautiful special place

And as I looked around, I was totally amazed.

“The flowers are dancing with the breeze of air

While the weather is good and the day is still fair.

Children’s laughter echoed the field

A joyous beginning, loneliness was killed.

The snow on pathways are now gone,

It’s a time to cherish, let’s unwind and have fun.”

As the gentle wind kiss my cheeks,

You hold my hand, my emotions got mixed.

I can’t explain what I’ve felt

This heart of mine had melt.

“This season, our love was made.

I hope not to end this”, my thought as we laid.

Wherever you go, I’ll follow. Just take the lead.

This is our beginning, springtime indeed.


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