Waved Goodbyes

I saw him three days ago. I was already in a Lapuz jeepney while he was standing patiently with other people, waiting for another to arrive. He saw me, slightly shocked, but never hesitated to smile. I smiled back, meekly. The jeepney I was in only needed three human beings to fill the gaps on its seats. I don’t know what word to use, luckily or unfortunately, but he never had the chance to let himself be one of that three people.

I kept looking somewhere else while the traffic light still beamed the color red. I didn’t want to set my eyes on him. I didn’t want to witness the way he looks at me. I’m afraid we might have an eye-to-eye contact and would have a conversation using our minds, admitting that we still want to be with each other. That we might beg for another chance.

But no. That will never happen.


He has totally moved on and is now in love with a person who has a tough personality, beautiful mind and brave soul.

I am.. well.. still doing fine with my life. Nothing is so special. Every day is a challenge but I still manage to survive. I’ve never been in love with anyone after we have decided to separate paths.

Before the jeepney left, we waved each other our goodbyes.

That scene was so sad. So tragic.

This world is too big and we have no idea when we will meet again.

And if never again, at least we have bade goodbyes..

Finally. With smiles on our lips. And acceptance in our hearts.

A real ‘cropped’ picture of us when we were still together.



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