Great Writer’s Great Love

How lucky you are to be loved by me
Such love so infinite, an endless poetry.
How lucky you are to be in my dreams,
A world of illusions, blissful it seems.

You’ve always been the light in my darkest hours
You keep me awake, you keep me going.
You’ll always be close to my heart even if you’re far,
You keep me alive. You’re the reason why I’m breathing.

They praise my works and worship my being
I was closed to giving up but keep on living.
They want me to write more,  even better.
Okay. Just one last book, that’s all I ask for.

I live for them, not for myself.
I grew lonely each day that passes.
All the praises are nothing to me.
All I want is to be with you.
I wanted to be free.

My masterpieces are all about you.
All the works of my hand, I offer to you.
Wait for me, I’ll be soon in heaven.
Just one last page, I’ll let go of this pen.


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